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Frequently asked


  • Why should I create an account?
    When you create an account, your billing and shipping address, and basic information are stored so that when you come to purchase something next time, you do not have to retype all that. Again, you can save your items in your shopping cart and purchase it at a later time, but you will loose all the data in the cart if you do not have an accout. Moreover it will enable you to track your order details and the status of your orders
  • Can I purchase books without paying online?
    Yes! Once you proceed to chekout, choose the option for offline payment. But the order will be completed only after you have made the payment or you need to let us know how you are to make the payment
  • How long does it take to deliver the books?
    We will ship your orders within 24 hours of your order confirmation. (Business days) The books will be shipped via India Post, unless otherwise specified.
  • Do you deliver books outside India?
    Yes! But the payment of such orders can not be done online as it depends on the place and cost of shipping also. We are working on to make the provision available in the site.
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