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Dharmaram College



From the very early days of Dharmaram, the pioneers were conscious of the importance of communication and dissemination of Christian belief and values through print-media and Dharmaram Publications is the result of such an understanding. It has become a brand name in the world of publication, known for its preference for spreading the knowledge of Christian and other sound religious and philosophical principles and values. 

The first attempt to enter the world of print-media was to bring out the Malayalam translation of 16 decrees of Vatican Council II in 1967 with notes and comments prepared by the staff and students. The second edition with 5000 copies came out towards the end of the same year. In connection with the Golden Jubilee of Vatican II, the 10th edition came out in 2012. 4000 copies were printed of the decrees of the Second Vatican Council as the 15th revised edition of the Second Vatican Council, the occasion of the Golden Jubilee. 

Other early indications concerning the development of the project of Dharmaram Publications can be found in the attempt to publish a memoir of late Fr. Roger and the decision to publish his doctoral thesis. The administrative staff took a decision on 16 September 1968 to start the publication of a ‘Dialogue Series’, though it did not materialise. Dharmaram was encouraging its members of the teaching staff to publish scientific studies and thus Fr. Albert Nabiaparambil received a subsidy in 1968 to publish his Dharmasastra Veedhi in Malayalam. 

Now coming to the present state of affairs, it may be noted that Dharmaram Publications has at no time become a self-supporting business concern, but it carries on its mission of publication in a remarkable and impressive way with the help of the generous support of the benefactors and agencies like Missio,
Aachen, Germany.

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