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Religious life is a radical call to the discipleship of Jesus who took the form of a slave (doulos) and had the mind of hineni (here I am). It demands total renunciation and self-surrender from the part of the called ones in view of fulfilling God?s plans. Consequently, being a doulos of Christ and saying hineni to God?s will is salvific and apostolic. It is a gratuitous gift from the part of God and a joyful self-gift from the part of humans. In the present scenario of materialism, hedonism, individualism and any form of authoritarianism, to be the doulos of Christ is meritorious as well as very challenging.

Doulos: A Paradigm for Christian Discipleship and Mystical Path

₹200.00 Regular Price
₹130.00Sale Price
  • Sr. Dr. Sophy Rose CMC

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