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The Hermeneutics of Vatican II is a comprehensive exploration of the theological interpretation and understanding of the Second Vatican Council. This book delves into the historical context, key documents, and significant themes of Vatican II, offering an in-depth analysis of the Council’s impact on the Catholic Church and the wider world. Readers will gain a greater understanding of the hermeneutical principles that have shaped interpretations of Vatican II, as well as the ongoing dialogue and debate surrounding its teachings. Whether you are a student of theology, a member of the clergy, or simply someone interested in the development of Catholic doctrine, this book provides valuable insights into the significance and relevance of Vatican II in today’s world. With its thoughtful reflection and scholarly approach, The Hermeneutics of Vatican II is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of contemporary Catholic theology.

Hermeneutics of Vatican II

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  • Kuncheria Pathil

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