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From the Beginning up to the Middle of the Sixteenth Century


This is the first volume of the six volume History of Christianity in India proposed to be brought out by the Church History Association of India. This combined effort of a group of Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox scholars approaches the subject from a new perspective, a perspective which sees the history of Christianity in India as an integral part of the socio-cultural history of the Indian people. Keeping this new perspective fully in view, Father Mundadan examines all aspects of the origin of Christianity, both the Eastern and the Western forms of Christianity in India. Five chapters deal exclusively with the history of the St Thomas Christians from the origins in antiquity until the beginning of the epochal encounter with Western Christianity in the 16th century. The author writes more substantially about the medieval Latin Christian mission in India than many others writing on the subject have done so far, and has presented a wealth of totally new material on the self-consciousness of the Christian people during the period under study.

History of Christianity in India, Volume I

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  • A. M. Mundadan CMI

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