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Tamilnadu in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries


The book represents an excellent example of history written from the perspectives laid down by the Editorial Board, the primary thrust of which is to treat the history of Christianity in this country as an integral part of Indian history .


The author studies the 19th to 20th century history of the Christian people who today number about 3,000,000 i.e., about 5.81% of the Tamil population and the second largest religious group in Tamilnadu. Under the influence of modern sociology an awareness of a distinctive Tamil identity has been emerging. In recent times this has led to the concept of a common history of the Christian people and the Christian faith in the context of Tamil culture. It is this concept that foms the working hypothesis underlying a number of historical monographs that have seen light during the past few decades. These monographs have been used by Dr Grafe with discernment, filling certain gaps with fresh research.


The present book is a most welcome addition to the series, of which two volumes already published have been well received both in India and abroad.

History of Christianity in India, Volume IV part 2

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  • Hugald Grafe

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