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Explore the vibrant and evolving landscape of theology with New Horizons in Theology: Ecclesiology - Ecumenism - Inter-religious Dialogue. This collection of articles delves into the study of Ecclesiology, examining the nature, purpose, and structure of the Church with special reference to the teachings of Prof. Pathil Kuncheria. In addition, readers will gain insight into the pursuit of Christian unity through Ecumenism, as well as the importance of fostering imter-religious dialogue and understanding across different religious traditions. Whether you are a student, priest, religious, theologian, or simply curious about these essential topics, this collection offers a depth of analysis and diverse perspectives that will enrich your understanding of theology and its role in contemporary society. Immerse yourself in the exploration of key theological concepts and join the conversation on the future of the Church and interfaith relations. 

New Horizons in Theology: Ecclesiology - Ecumenism - Inter-religious Dialogue

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  • Joby Jose Kochumuttom, Shaji Kochuthara & Rajesh Kavalackal


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