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“Through a meticulous exploration of India’s rich tapestry of interpersonal bonds and spiritual traditions, this book illuminates the profound significance of familial connections and spiritual grounding in navigating life’s complexities. With a pioneering spirit, it advocates for culturally sensitive approaches in therapeutic interventions, culminating in the creation of a groundbreaking Family Spirituality Assessment tool tailored to India’s diverse religious and cultural landscape.” 


“In this book, you will find not only practical strategies for integrating spirituality into family therapy, assessment of spirituality but also a profound invitation to expand your own understanding of the human experience. The author invites us to explore
the spiritual dimensions of our clients’ lives, recognizing that these dimensions
are often central to their struggles and their paths to healing.”

Spirituality in Family Counselling and Psychotherapy: An Evidence Based Approach

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  • Thomas Joseph Parayil


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