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Dharmaram Canonical Studies - 30

Fr Placid J. Podipara Endowment Lectures - 7


This book discusses the context of the revision of penal law and analyses the revised text in CIC. In this book, the first three chapters deal with the context of the revision of penal law presenting the attitudes towards penal sanctions in the Church before and after the promulgation of CIC and CCEO and the immediate context of the revision of Book VI of the Latin Code. The fourth chapter presents the changes in the revised Book VI and the fifth chapter makes a comparative reading of the revised Book VI of CIC and title XXVII of CCEO. The final chapter presents a few proposals for a new comprehension and praxis of penal law.

The Oriental Code (CCEO) and the Newly Revised Penal Law of the Latin Code (CIC)

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  • Biju Varghese Perumayan

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